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RSCThe nature of our company means we provide an importance social service and we are aware of our responsibility which we extend much further beyond the funeral service itself. We have implemented policies and are involved in internal and external activities that ensure ethical conduct in relation to our surroundings.

As part of our daily work, we carry out support actions for all those who suffer from the loss of a loved one. Just to mention a few, we manage free Grievance Groups allowing family members to work on their loss with the help of psychologists. We celebrate Memorial Ceremonies to channel family members’ desires to honour the memory of the deceased. We have also published two grievance guides, the first from a psychological perspective and the second, from a Christian outlook in order to cover a wide range of needs. These publications are delivered to families of the deceased at our funeral homes in order to comfort them during painful times.

Grupo ASV Servicios Funerarios is a company that is deeply rooted in the communities where it operates. For this reason, we are always collaborating with activities and festivals in the towns where our centres are located. We also support and promote cultural initiatives such as museum exhibits and awareness events such as conferences that explain death as a process that is a part of our lives. Likewise and in order to improve the quality of life of the kids around us, we make ongoing contributions to the PayaSOSpital Association which has been working since 1999 in several hospitals throughout the autonomous region of Valencia to brighten the day-to-day of children hospitalised for cancer and other serious illnesses.

Besides all of this, we understand the social responsibility of our company as a philosophy that impregnates our entire management and is reflected in the conditions of our more than 500 employees, the good relations we establish with our suppliers, our faithful compliance with local and national regulations, and the professionalism with which we treat our clients when they are most in need.

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