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Over a hundred people attended the Funeral Rites colloquium at the MARQ


Corporate Social Responsibility

Over a hundred people attended the Funeral Rites colloquium at the MARQ


Yesterday over a hundred people attended “A story of farewells. What the evolution of funeral rites says about us”, a colloquium organised by the Alicante Archaeological Museum (MARQ) and Grupo ASV Servicios Funerarios. The aim of this event was to explore how funeral rites have always been present in different historical eras, and how their emergence was a watershed moment in human evolution.

Consuelo Roca de Togores, a specialist in Physical Anthropology in the MARQ, talked about funeral rites conducted in ancient times and their legacy in today's society,  looking back on how they have developed from the origin of human beings right up to the present day. She told her audience about all sorts of curious facts about rituals over the course of history, and how some of these rituals are still with us today.   According to Roca de Togores, what are assumed to be the first recognisable rites take place in the Late Palaeolithic, while revolutionary changes take place in the Neolithic. It is not until Roman times that we see many terms begin to be used and which are similar to the words we use today.

After this historical introduction, Nuria Javalones, a psychologist who manages the Support to Bereavement service in ASV Servicios Funerarios, spoke about how important these rituals have always been after the passing of a loved one. Ms Javalones also explained how rituals can help in dealing with bereavement and the things we have inherited from each culture. “Rituals are used to express feelings, to keep in contact, and to relive the pain but giving it a new meaning” says Ms Javalones. She also stressed that they help people to adapt to the new reality in their lives, through enhancing and reinforcing the relationship with the person who has died. “They sustain us emotionally, help us to say farewell, to share experiences and to begin the bereavement stage”, she adds.


“What we set out to do with this initiative is to explain the importance of funeral rituals in history and to point out how they help us in the bereavement process when we lose a loved one”, says Sonia Carricondo, who is the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in ASV.

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