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Services of Campanar Funeral Parlour

We strive to offer a quality service at the La Campanar Funeral Parlour in Valencia, taking care of every last detail.

Wake rooms

You have six rooms in which you can stay 24 hours a day, with reception always available. One of them is a premium room with different spaces for different purposes. All rooms have air conditioning, daily newspapers and additional blankets or chairs are available on request.

Buy flowers at the Campanar Funeral Parlour in Valencia

You can buy a wide range of ornamental flowers at the Campanar Funeral Parlour in Nou Campanar and can order custom floral arrangements.

Personalised ceremony

If you have arranged a personalised farewell, we can provide you with a master of ceremonies to make sure that the ceremony is exactly the way you want it. You can also use multimedia equipment for projecting photos or playing music or videos in the ceremony.

Musical accompaniment

You can arrange to have music, using a wide range of musical instruments or live voices, in the ceremony. Or perhaps, for a more emotional effect, you may prefer to have the music performed in the cemetery itself, at the burial site or at the place where the ashes are scattered.

Cars with chauffeur

You and your family can use our large fleet of chauffeur-driven vehicles for transport to and from the ceremony site, cemetery or crematorium. If you need to leave Valencia, contact us.

Bereavement Support Groups

We have Support Groups led by a psychologist specialised in bereavement, who will provide information, advice and assistance in coping with grief. These groups consist of other people who are trying to overcome the loss of a loved one. This service is totally free. Consult all our publications, events and other grief support initiatives.

Selection of gravestones

Several gravestone options are available. You can choose between traditional or more contemporary designs depending on the tastes of the family or the deceased person's wishes. Ask about our terms of delivery and prices.

Obituary Management in newspapers in Valencia

We look after placing obituary notices and announcing funeral masses in any newspaper. In most cases, you can also get discounts. Ask to see the special prices catalogue for the different newspapers.

Cafeteria and catering You can order a catering service with hot and cold buffet (with at least one day's advance notice).


You can use the chapel at the Campanar Funeral Parlour in Valencia for saying farewell to your loved one.

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The Campanar Funeral Parlour in Valencia has been awarded the AENOR quality management certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
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