Ashes in the sea

"The sea forces us to be the shore [...] and although it is a mystery, it is always there, waiting for us on the horizon" El Mar by Mario Benedetti

If you want to scatter your loved one's ashes out to sea in a natural ceremony, we can help you. There are environmentally friendly urns that dissolve easily in contact with water, as well as biodegradable urns made of sand.

Farewell ceremonies by the sea

Turn the scattering of ashes into a special event with a ceremony on a boat out at sea. You can also adapt the farewell ceremony on the shore to pay tribute. This could be accompanied with music.

Let us know what you would like to do it and we will create a ceremony as you have imagined.

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Burying Ashes

"Return to the soil, to the roots, where we are, where we have been and where we can be".

The option of returning to the earth what is of the earth is especially suited for nature lovers. Here we use ecological urns that can be buried and regenerate life, through a tree, or be dissolved in lakes or rivers. Columbariums or Remembrance Gardens are other options where we can deposit our loved one's ashes.

Placing ashes in a Remembrance Pyramid

Placing the ashes in a specially created space in our Remembrance Pyramid. A piece of metallic art whose symmetrical form has represented the link between the spirit and the material worlds since the dawn of time. After a loving and respectful ceremony, memory of your loved ones will be symbolically kept with a commemorative plaque.

Storage of ashes: Keepsakes for remembrance

Whether you decide to scatter the ashes or are not yet clear what to do, you can keep part of them by choosing a remembrance piece that you can always have with you.

Part of your home

Your home is the only place that is not really a "place", because it comes along with us even if we change house, city or country. If you want to keep the ashes at home, we can provide you with handmade designer urns and mini urns, which are designed to be small artworks.

A shared memory

The person who has died was special to family and friends. We can also share your memory of them by putting part of the deceased’s ashes in various jewels or micro urns that will always be kept by their surviving family and friends so they can always have part of that person with them.

The most valuable diamond

A jewel accompanies us every day, it is close to our heart or in our hands. Just as we feel the person who has died is near, we can wear a real diamond made made out of the person's ashes or hair or a customised jewel with his fingerprint or part of his ashes. A unique memory, everlasting and always close.

We help you choose your memorial piece

Contact us and we will help you choose the option that best suits your wishes and those of the deceased.

Bespoke remembrance ceremonies

Whichever way you want to celebrate your loved one’s farewell, GRUPO ASV Funeral Services is here to advise you and stand by your side so that everything goes as you would wish.

Check the availability of customised ceremonies at your nearest centre.

When you decide the time is right

You decide when time is right for the ceremony to take place. We will make things easy if you need time for family and friends to arrive and to make arrangements. The ceremony needs not to take place inmediately after the death.

An oportunity to share memories

Invite family and friends to continue sharing memories with refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere following the ceremony within the tanatorio. We have a full catering service at your disposal.

After burial or cremation

The ceremony can be arranged around the scattering or storing of ashes, in the same cemetery or simply to pay tribute to the deceased after his passing or on the anniversary of his death. We can help you with everything, whatever the circumstances may be.


Turn your farewell into an event full of unique details


What would you like to be said and by whom?

Honour their memory with anecdotes and shared moments recounted by friends and relatives.


Would you like to have musical accompaniment?

Create a special atmosphere with live musicians, who will perform your special music and songs.


Would you like to include symbolic acts?

You can plant flowers, project images of your loved one`s life, create a condolences book or memory tree. The possibilities are endless.

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