Our flower arrangements catalogue

Rose centrepiece

Single or double centrepiece with red roses to convey one’s heartfelt condolences.


70 x 60 cm



110 x 50 cm



Varied flower centrepiece

Traditional centrepiece with varied seasonal flowers.

80 x 75 cm




Elegant centrepiece of carnations including a floral motif atop roses and orchids.

60 x 100 cm




Poignant flower arrangement of carnations with a rose motif.

63 x 60 cm



The Green Memory

An innovative concept which turns the traditional floral wreath into an organic form of remembrance in which relatives and close friends can participate. The wreath is made up of 16 removable pots containing living plants and can be shared with your nearest and dearest as a symbol of gratitude, admiration and appreciation.

85 x 85 cm



Varied wreaths

Medium size wreath decorated with strips of carnations of 2 colours, 2 arrangements of varied flowers, one at the top and one at the bottom.

110 x 145 cm



Carnations wreath

Traditional condolence wreath decorated with strips of single-coloured carnations, 3 rose arrangements, located above, below and on the right side.

140 x 165 cm



Rose wreath +

Large full wreath of roses enhanced with ornamental leaves. 4 arrangements also made of integrated roses.

150 x 160 cm



*Sizes and availability of seasonal flowers may vary slightly, in which case they will be replaced with flowers of equal quality. All prices include VAT.

How to choose the right flowers?

Before you buy a flower arrangement, keep in mind:

The faith of the deceased person and their families

Remember that the most appropriate floral arrangements may differ depending on a person's faith and beliefs. For example: Christians often use the cross shaped centrepiece.

Your degree of closeness to the deceased person and their family

For example, choose:

  • A wreath if you're a close relative.
  • A rose or heart centrepiece if you are a close family member and you want that centrepiece to accompany the coffin.
  • A varied centrepiece to send a more informal arrangement.

The meaning of each flower

It helps us to convey our feelings. For example: the rose is associated with sincere love, the daisy with simplicity and the carnation with pride and union.

If you are a group of several people

(co-workers, neighbours or friends) and you want to send a floral tribute, you can do it together in the form of a wreath rather than several small arrangements.

You can leave a commemorative message

To express your support for the loss of a loved one through messages such as "you are in our thoughts..", "affectionately,.." or "your colleagues at..."