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Funeral Services for Ex Patriates and Repatriations

How long after death can the ceremony take place?

The duration of the funeral service in Spain can be adapted to the customs of the deceased person's family. If the family needs time to regroup and prepare the ceremony, Grupo ASV Funeral Services will keep the deceased for as long as it might be necessary.

What kind of ceremonies can be organised?

Grupo ASV Funeral Services can organise a customised ceremony with a master of ceremonies, who will reach an agreement with the family on how to carry out an emotional farewell ceremony suited to their requirements. Also, for religious ceremonies we also maintain regular contact with the representatives of different religions who will carry out a funeral in accordance with each family's religious beliefs.

Who meets the costs for the service?

If the deceased has a funeral plan or policy with an insurance company, Grupo ASV Funeral Services is responsible for contacting the company and resolving all matters referring to the cover for the service. If the deceased person has not subscribed these services, then his or her family will take responsibility for the service.

How to organize a repatriation?

Yes, once the family decides to carry out the funeral service in the country of origin, Grupo ASV Funeral Services will be responsible for taking all the necessary steps to repatriate the body to the destination specified.


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