Paperwork questions

Paperwork questions

What paperwork do you need after a death?

What documents do I need to have ready when the funeral company staff arrives?

Should the deceased be removed from the municipal register?

What is the death certificate used for?

What is the last will and testament certificate?

What happens to the heirs if the deceased has not left a written will?

Questions about family and friends

Questions about family and friends

Can a child go to a funeral or wake?

What do I do if my family member dies at home?

What do I do if my family member dies at in a hospital?

What do I do if my family member dies in a foreign country?

Is there a rule for dressing the deceased?

How should I dress at a funeral?

Should I spend the night at the funeral parlour or at home?

What can I tell the family at a funeral?

What can I say if I have to speak at a funeral or ceremony?

How should I behave at a wake or funeral ceremony?

Can someone be banned from entering a wake?

Questions about the funeral service

Questions about the funeral service

What is included in a funeral service?

How do I arrange a funeral service?

Is it better to arrange the wake for the deceased in a funeral parlour or at home?

Can I choose the funeral service company even if I have death insurance?

Can I arrange a wake for the deceased if he is an organ donor?

Can a funeral service be prepared beforehand?

What does the Grupo ASV’s Funeral Plan cover?

How long does a funeral service last in Spain?

Can I request a quote for funeral services?

How much does a tomb/niche/columbarium cost?

How long does it take to buy a tomb/niche/columbarium?

How is the body of the deceased preserved until burial?

Why are bodies embalmed?

What happens when a body is cremated?

Is cremation cheaper than burial?

Can the ashes of several deceased people be mixed during the process?

How long does the cremation process take?

What happens to the coffin during cremation?

What is an ecological funeral service?

Can I watch the cremation process?

What is Online Cremation?

What can be done with the deceased's ashes?

Where can I scatter a deceased person's ashes?

Can you bury a person outside a cemetery?

Are there private cemeteries?

Can more than one person be buried in the same grave?

What is transportation and repatriation?

What is reduction of remains?

Where can I get information about the wake and funeral of a deceased person?

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