International Management Department

We take care of everything and coordinate the necessary services with most countries so that you can arrange a farewell honouring the deceased person's wishes and to facilitate the family.

All the time you need to make arrangemets

We will take care of the deceased for as long as it might be necessary until arrangements and paperwork are finalised.

Civil or religious ceremony in many languages

The funeral is performed with a celebrant or according to the family's religious or spiritual beliefs. We have civil celebrants and ministers available representing various religions in many lenguages.

We take care of everything

We will contact your Funeral Plan or insurance company and we will liase with them. This includes the local and international authorities when needed. If you do not have cover, we can help you directly.

Repatriations and Domestic Transfersn

If you wish to have the funeral in your home country, our management department will take care of everything, internationally and within Spain.

What should I do if somebody dies?

Death by natural causes

A death by natural causes is considered to be one which occurs without violence and in which the doctor can accurately certify the causes of death without having to carry out an autopsy. It usually takes place in a hospital, a care home or at home.

Death due to unnatural or undetermined causes

A death other than by natural cause is when a doctor cannot immediately and accurately establish the causes of death. These are usually deaths due to accidents, sudden deaths, suicides or murders.

Celebrating a life

You can customise the farewell ceremony so that this last farewell is a tribute to the life of the person who has departed, one in which we can remember all the special moments and the time he has given us.

Check the availability of customised ceremonies at your nearest centre.


Memories expressed in words

We encourage family and friends to take part in the ceremony by sharing anecdotes, experiences, etc.

A civil celebrant will help and advise you if you wish to speak or create and deliver a tribute using your words on your behalf.


Symbols that convey emotions

By sharing your ideas with us, we can make it happen be it with images, flowers, writings, music or any other symbols that reflect your beliefs and emotions.

We can make the ceremony into a very special celebration of that life.


The soundtrack of his life

Music helps us remember experiences shared with our loved one. This can be through hymns, songs, live music, through a voice, violin or any other instrument. This will create a personal and emotional time for reflection.

We take care of everything, guaranteeing your peace of mind

Our commitment is to provide a quality service, so you can focus on being with your loved ones.


Professionals who make things simple

You will be assisted by expert staff who will make the process as easy as possible, and you can be sure that it will turn out as you had expected.


Maximum safeguards

Service guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certification and with a track record of more than 90 years in the sector.


Grief support

We can provide you with a series of a support network that will help in the grieving process after the loss of a loved one.

We help you choose your best option

Information and quotations given in two steps to choose the funeral service options that best suit your needs or requirements.

Support to guide and care for you

At ASV we give you everything you need for your funeral service.


Sensitivity and involvement

A friendly and efficient team of more than 500 discrete and diligent professionals, who will advise you and be with you at all times.

A service tailored to your needs

We offer you a service adapted to your needs and we shall stay with you after the farewell, through memorial ceremonies and support for your loss.

We manage your well-being

You can have confidence that we carry out ALL the legal and administrative procedures needed, making sure that everything is completed so you can concentrate on what is important.

Close to you 24h

You can rely on, at any time of the day, our wide network of English speaking professionals across the Costa Blanca, Valencia and Andalusia who are there to assist you.

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