The plan to have everything under control

When you are gone, it will be difficult for your family and friends to cope. With an ASV funeral plan or insurance, you can arrange everything for a funeral, ensuring your family do not have to make payments and decisions at an already difficult times.

We have chosen beforehand everything that is necessary for the time when the inevitable arrives. This way we know that the family can avoid having to choose things like the coffin, whether or not the body is to be cremated, buying a niche, etc.

ASV Funeral Plan

The advantages of planning your funeral

You leave instructions

Make sure that your wishes are fulfilled at the time of death, saving your family and friends from doing all sorts of decision makings.

No age or health limit

This service is available regardless of your age (Conditions apply).

Save by buying at today's cost

By contracting the service at current prices, save yourself from paying possible future costs and avoid future increases.

A 100% guaranteed deposit

Our accounts are audited by external consultants who guarantee the company's solvency and the funds you have deposited.


Customise the farewell in three easy steps


Select your options

Several packs are available to help you choose. You can adapt everything to your personal tastes.


Get an instant quote

See at a glance how much the service will cost you according to the options chosen.


Finalise the details with an advisor

Contact our specialists who will answer any concerns and prepare your conract.

What does the ASV Funeral Plan cover?

This service is perfect for you if you want to arrange everything and not have any surprises. You can decide on everything down to the last detail and we will see to it that everything is done according to your wishes.

National or international transport

Regardless of where you are at the time of death, we make sure you are moved to the centre of your choice.

Religious or lay ceremony

We have chapels or rooms in which to organise the ceremony. You can also choose a church or other place for the last goodbye.

Customised ceremony

Plan a special event with music, scattering the ashes in the sea or on land.... Check availability according to centre.

Additional funeral car

If requested, your family will have a funeral car.

Management of all paperwork

We will take care of all administrative matters or questions with other entities after the death.

Support for your loss

Your loved ones will have the help of our specialised team to overcome the difficult moments of loss.

Contact us now

We will give you advice and resolve all the doubts that arise, without any obligation.

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